Mage Hunters

A Hunt Concluded

While Davaro carried Crixess’ unconscious body away from the warehouse and back to the Broken Stool, Morn and Anon were being arrested and escorted to the prison. At the prison the two were questioned separately as to what exactly happened and what their reasoning was for being there. It was revealed they were there searching for a bounty and that they work for the House of the Rising Sun.

While half the party is being questioned the other half dresses their wounds and are called upon by Lilith Greywater. That night Davaro and Crixxes return to the House of the Rising Sun and explain their actions to Lilith after she questions the events that had occurred. She then requests that they stay there for the night and the next day until she returns from the prison the following morning.

Lilith goes to the prison and listens to the charges being brought against the two rash hunters and agrees to pay the amount of 1000 gold each for their release; due to them being members of the House of the Rising Sun. Morn and Anon are then released and they all return to the Guild House.

Upon returning, the entire party is gathered in Lilith’s office and again they explain further. Lilith warns them against further recklessness and then seeks to help the group find another lead to go on. At this point Morn is reminded of a magical bird figure that they had discovered at the Broken Stool and shows it to Lilith. She identifies it as a Silver Sparrow that has a number of commands.

Through the use of this Silver Sparrow the party is led to a building that appears to house a merchant of many different animals. Davaro enters the merchant’s establishment alone to gather intelligence and pretends to be the messenger of a very wealthy master. Eventually he leaves after promising that his master will return and goes to the others and reports what he has seen.

The group then goes into the establishment together and proceeds to question the merchant. They proceed to go upstairs and a fight ensues between the party, the sparrow, and another man with the sparrow. Morn manages to get the magic manacles onto the unknown man before the fight could truly get going and then the group refocuses its attention on the sparrow. Eventually the party is able to get the sparrow to surrender, but not before the unknown man is killed by Anon; and the Sparrow knocks out Morn.

The group then questions the Sparrow and finds a number of magical items and currency in her possession and confiscate them for themselves. They then return to the Guild House with the Sparrow and the body of the unknown man to collect the bounties from Lilith. Lilith then aides in identifying the magic items that had been collected and it is discovered that one of them holds a person captive and releases him. Morn and Anon payback their debt to the Guild House and that night the party is fully initiated into the Guild House after an honorary ceremony.

Current date: Equos 6


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