Mage Hunters

Old Friends and Drinking Buddies

Davaro enlightened the party at Breakfast about the whereabouts of one of the brothers mentioned in Vivian’s Journal. According to his information the brother by the name of Gorden resides within the Crescent Moon Casino. The party spent the morning shopping for magical items and receiving tattoos. In the evening the group entered the casino in search of Gorden.

However in their search they were approached by a stewardess of the casino and lead to a private room. In entered Emmit previous owner of Davaro’s sword attempted to reclaim it but his brother and him were quickly defeated and forced to lead the party to Gorden.

At a back room another fight broke out with a pair of Glasp guards, Emmit and his brother. This fight was bloodier but eventually the party prevailed. The remaining guards allowed the party to pass into Gorden’s quarters unattested.

Here they meet a somewhat intoxicated Gorden how was more than happy to share information and give a tour of his quarters. The party learned from him that the Brewer’s real name was Lord Brightshore. He also disclosed the location of his brother’s setup.

Current date: Equos 7


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