Mage Hunters

An interesting start

The group formed after apprehending a enchanter by the name Edward Tuck. Upon his apprehension the group was then forced to decide if they wanted to turn him in through the House of the Rising Sun or to potential become Seekers in the Arcanic Order.

The group choose to accompany Lexona Fisher and Tessaca Fisher to the House of the Rising Sun with Edward. Upon arriving they saw parts of the vast guild complex and were introduced to the guild master Lilith Greywater. Lilith paid the group half of the bounty for Edward and offered them a chance to join the House of the Rising Sun.

Anon then interrogated Edward and found that he had a partner by the name of Sal which was confirmed by a letter found on Edward’s person. Edward also shared with the party that Sal was based out of a Strangler’s hideout called the Broken Stool Tavern.

The group asked for some directions to some shops and proceeded to buy some items they needed. Afterwords the group returned to Edward’s hideout and searched it for any valuables. They then decided to stay the night but were interrupted in the early morning by a pair of Stranglers sent to check on the hideout.

After the Stranglers were dealt with the party decided to travel to the Broken Stool Tavern to scout the establishment. Here, they found a tavern filled with Strangler members along with a blonde hair woman later identified as “The Sparrow”. Combat ensued and The Sparrow narrowly escaped from the party. However, Crixess Tigersoul lost a foot in the engagement and the party decided to leave the establishment and regroup. While walking back they came upon Tessaca, Lexona, and a fighter named Grant who were searching for the party.

Tessaca and Lexona expected the party to return to the guild hall in the evening of the previous day and decided to leave for the Broken Stool when the party still hadn’t made an appearance by morning. The now enlarged party returned to the Broken Stool and investigated Sal’s alchemist workshop. Correspondence was found between Sal and person titled “The Brewer” along with the mention of someone by the name of Vivian. Notes were also found of Sal’s that discussed his work on coming up with a recipe for making potions of Giant Strength.

The group then followed a secret tunnel and followed the trail of The Sparrow and Sal until it was lost in the city street.

The party now finds themselves back at the House of the Rising Sun decided on their next plan of action.

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