Ages of Jacosta

First Age – Age of Darkness
This is the first age in which any recorded history has been found. During this time many great beasts and monsters roamed the world. Gods/Goddess actively help to foster the beginnings of many ancient civilizations and kingdoms. Divine Magics and Nature Magics are granted to the races.

Second Age – Age of Light
This age was the peak of many civilizations and order was brought to much of Jacosta. The bond between patron and God were strongest in this age.

Third Age – Age of Shadow
Rivalries between gods brought strife and many civilizations went to war with each other along with their gods. After this war the victors returned to their own planes and now only interact in the material the plane in limited methods. Most of the defeated forces were slain but some where banished to the Nine Hells and the Abyss. Also as a result of the magic exerted the material plane developed portals to the Shadowfell and Fey Wild. Several new races also appeared in this era.

Fourth Age – Age of Twilight
Civilizations once again begin to reform but do not reach the levels that they had in the Age of Light. New races find territory to inhabit the world. Much of the damage has been repaired from the war in the Age of Shadow. Druid groups are formed to guard the largest rifts to other planes.

Fifth Age – Age of Discovery
Current Age. Within the past couple of centuries arcane magic was discovered and research began on its uses. Still relatively new and much experimentation on high level magic is being done. Sources of natural arcane magic are being sought after.

Ages of Jacosta

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