House of the Rising Sun

1 – First Light – recurit
2 – Dawn Chaser – full member
3 – Light Bringer – Guild Tutor
4 – Guild Master

Guild House
The House of the Rising Sun is a guild devoted to the task of bounty hunting, whether that bounty be villain or beast. The guild hall is a large structure made of large strong timber beams and wood and plaster walls. Above the entrance is the guilds symbol on a large circular sign, a red sun rising above a group of green hills. Once inside you view a room setup much like like a tavern. A bar rests in the north east corner of the room and enough tables and chairs are scattered about to seat a least 30 people. Behind the bar you also see the kitchen large enough for two people people to work and a large rectangle stone basin that emits a soft glow. On the east wall a large fireplace sits and you see a mounted Owlbear head resting above the mantle of the hearth. However on the west wall you see a small raised platform that may be possibly used by a band or be a space used for a speaker to stand. in the northwest corner you see a set of stairs ascending up by the bar. While on the northeast corner you see a doorway that leads to a hall.

Sleeping Quarters
Up the stairs find a number of halls that have doors at regular intervals. This appears to contain rooms for members of the guild. You count 20 rooms along with two rooms that act as a basic privy. A narrow passageway in the N=northeast corner leads to the second level of a library.

Through the doorway from the tavern room you find a hallway that 3 doorways along the north wall. The first one is directly in front of the passage from the main room. This leads to a large library.

Library 70×70
Shelves line the walls of the library except for a staircase on center of the north wall where a set of stairs lead to a second floor of bookshelves. A number of small tables are spread throughout the center area on the main floor around a large circle desk where Tom Quivel keeps watch of the library. Perhaps the most interesting part of the room is a brass lantern that is the size of man hung from the ceiling. Bright light shines from it and completely baths the room in a white glow. Although you can see white hot flames raging within it you hear no sound of flame or the smell of smoke.

Down the hall at the second door you see a 10 foot wide hallway lined with tapestries that goes about 50ft before coming to a large set of oaken doors.

Training Room 70×70
Here you find a large training room. Weight sets, training dummies, and number of weapon racks. However the greater part of the room is taken up by a 15 by 15 sand fighting pit.

Master’s office
Inside the Master’s office a pair of large ornate bookshelves stand to either side of a large tapestry depicting a lone armored figure banishing a great ax against a lumbering tree-ent . Along the eastern wall you see a large iron door behind a finely crafted wooden desk with a number of small figures and an ornate dagger being displayed. On the west side of the room a number of display cases line the walls. A large wooden circular staircase rests between the display cases and the door you entered through. It leads upward.

Honor’s Board
Largest Bounty – Grant Thimick – 5000 Gold
Fastest Bounty – Darvin Ironfist – 4 hours
Quickest Arrest – Darvin Ironfist – 1 day
Highest Bail -Morn Surefoot and Anon Underbough – 1000 G

House of the Rising Sun

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