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Information your character should know can be found here. Can’t find it hear? Well then ask me your question and we will see what your character knows! Also to find things on this Wiki just use the Search bar which should be located on the top of the screen. Also any text highlighted red links to a Wiki page for that item.

General Knowledge things
These are items I have made for my sanity in running the game but you might find them interesting.
Ages of Jacosta
World Calendar
Kingdom of Toren

Standard Deity Pantheon
Aerdrie the Armour
Hestia Goddess of the Hearth
Ioun Goddess of Knowledge
Kord Master of the Storm
Melora Goddess of the Wild
Niki and Nemesis the Twins of War
Pelor God of Healing
Raven Queen
Reorx God of the Forge

Main Page

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