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Hey all. Just a few quick things for your info. First if you click the characters link on the left side you should see a page with a search bar and a list of characters. in the area with the search bar you should see a + sign in the top right corner. Hit this button to make a new character…your character.

You don’t need to fill out a character sheet for your character sheet on this forum but I would like you to chose an image and also in the area where you choose an image set owner of this character to your account. Ask me if you have questions! Finally explore the Wiki ask questions and feel free to see if something is in my world that you want. This is your game!

Mage Hunters Campaign

Welcome to the capitol city of Sanddeep. A diverse city in its classes and races. An old city that is be built and destroyed only to be slowly rebuilt again to rise above its former glory. This is thanks in part to the discovery and advancement of arcane magic in the past 150 years.

Central Tension
Within the past 150 years Sanddeep has benefited greatly due to the advancement of arcane magic. However within those years numerous accidents have occurred with arcane experiments. Many people are beginning to think that arcane magic has reached its peak and further research should be stopped. Not only to prevent further catastrophic accidents but also to prevent arcane wizards from becoming too powerful. Although there is still a large proportion of people that hold the belief that arcane magic should still be further advanced. Who knows what wondrous discovery will be reveled next and also new weapons are always needed to help in the protection of the city and the kingdom.

Alternate Rules – Please Read
Alternative Magic Identification Rule
Character Death

Mage Hunters

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