Mage Hunters

Let's start a Sparrow Hunt

The party ended their day after eating supper with Lexona Fisher,Tessaca Fisher, and Grant. Unfortunately, they were unable to give the party any information on the Sparrow but perhaps in a day or two Lilith Greywater would have some gathered some information.

The following morning the party assembled and decided to return to the Broken Stool. Upon returning they found the Broken Stool closed and locked. The party decided to enter through the secret tunnel they had found the previous day to get into the Broken Stool.

Upon entering Sal’s bedroom the party noticed that room had been completely torn apart and a small section of floor by the bed had been torn up. Moving into the workshop area it was clear to see that anything that may have had value had been removed.

Ascending up into the tavern area of the Broken Stool the it was discovered that all the bodies had been removed and that there had been some attempts to remove the blood stains from the floor boards.

The party decided to open the tavern in an attempt to lure in a Strangler member who may have more information. However as Davaro walked out of the entrance he noticed what appeared to be a started sentry they quickly began walk down the street. The party gave chased and caught up with the sentry.

The party returned to the Broken Stool to question the sentry by the name of Micheal. After some blows and the threat of a dagger the sentry revealed to the party that he was he to observe the Broken Stool and report back to a man named Philip in a warehouse up the street.

The party tied up Micheal and threw him down the stairs to set off the trap they new was at the bottom. A cloud of poison surrounded Micheal and after it cleared they saw that he was apparently still breathing.

The party they walked down the street to survey the warehouse they were told of. After some surveillance it was decided that Davaro would wait on the roof until nightfall before attempted to sneak into the second level while the remaining party would make a distraction.

The rest of the group walked around town and eventually went back to the Broken Stool to wait for nightfall. Upon returning they open the hatch for stairs to check on Michael and found a pile loose rope. The party quickly returned back the warehouse to warn Davaro that Michael had escaped. However the party decided to stick to their plan.

As darkness fell the plan was but into motion. Davaro gained entrance to the second level and discovered a bunk room that could sleep 12 people. At the same time Morn Surefoot began his distraction by entering the first level of the warehouse and thus instantiating combat.

The battle was bloody and loud as a series of thunderwaves were used to swing the tides back in the party’s favor. Eventually as members fell unconscious a pair of guards entered the fray. In the end the battle was won but half of the party was apprehended by the city guard and questioned while the other half returned to the Broken Stool to recover.

Only time will reveal what the morning will bring.

Current date: Equos 4


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