Kingdom of Toren


Quick Facts
Ruler: King Diaman Windser
Allies: Kraghammer Clan
Enemies: Draconic Empire

The Kingdom of Toren Lies between the Greenwood Forest and Shallow Sea with its northern most border being Stillbend Castle which protects the kingdom from the various roaming barbarian hoards that roam the Windswept Plains. To the south the boarder extends from the Greenwood Forest to Fort Kent to Dornstall to the coast. Also the Kingdom currently holds Redwall Castle on Hook Island.

Regional Neighbors
Lasriusian Elves – This loose collection of mostly Evlen clans hold the Greenwood and are content to stay within its boundaries provided that those who live outside of the forest stay out of Greenwood. While the clans are spread throughout the Greenwood there is one large town where a council of clans handle the political negotiations for all inhabits of the Greenwood. War between them has risen with the Kingdom of Toren in the past when aggressive expansion into the Greenwood was attempted. While the Lasriusian Elves are fewer in numbers they solidly beat the Toren forces when they attempted to invade the forest. Since then the Kingdom has made a tense peace that hinges on them remaining out of and not interfering with the Greenwood.

Kraghammer Clan- This clan of dwarfs has a number of settlements throughout the Broken Hills but the only true city is Kraghammer. Kraghammer is a city that descends many levels into a rich pocket of minerals that the dwarfs have been mining for the past three ages. The Kraghammer has been an ally of the Kingdom of Toren since the Kingdom came to their aid during a hobgoblin war that threatened the city of Kraghammer nearly 600 years ago.

Kingdom of Yi – South of The Blood Swamp and on the last rolling crest of the Broken hills is the far northern border of the Kingdom of Yi. In the past the two Kingdoms have clashed over control of Hook Island but eventually the Yi tired of the conflict with both the Toren and Draconic Empire and decided to expand their influence to the south. In current times the Yi are loose trading partners with both the Toren and Draconic Empire but have sworn to remain neutral in the ongoing conflict.

Vaporia – The city lies submerged on the white sand floor of the Shallow Sea. The inhabitants are a mixture of Merfolk and Humans with the innate ability to live underwater. The city is largely neutral and rarely traveled too due to its submerged state. However, the city does do occasional trade with merchants that sail above the city.

Windswept Plains – Upon these plains various competing hordes of Goliths, Goblins, and Orcs battle for resources and threaten to roam into the Kingdom of Toren. However the swift waters of White Water River prevent crossing except at Stillbend where the worn walls of the castle protect the Kingdom from the hordes. On the coast lies the ruined city of Halcy. Halcy was an attempt by the Torens to bring civilization to the plains but was thwarted by the hordes. Now the ruins serve as a small establishment that slavers use to exchange weapons and goods for slaves to be brought to the Draconic Empire.

Kingdom of Toren

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