Sanddeep The Heart of Toren

Population: ~45,000
Government: Monarchy
Religion: All from Asenstion Pantheon
Specialty: Trading, Gambling
Climate: Temperate
Nation: Kingdom of Toren

The city of Sanddeep covers a vast expanse of land and holds the throne for the Kingdom of Toren within the Ivory Palace. The city is well defended by a hardy outside wall made of fitted stone that stands 30 feet high and 10 feet thick. Well manned forts rest at the intersection of its exterior walls and the North and South Citadels garrison the majority of the city’s defending forces. The inside of the city is broken up by a series of interior walls that not only assist in the defense should an exterior wall fall but also distinguish the different districts of the city.

The district northwest of the Ivory Palace is know as the Cloud District. This district is at the highest elevation in the city and contains the Enlightened Hall and the Arcanic Order Headquarters. Additionally many advisers and nobles own large mansions within this district.

To the east of Cloud lies the district known as the Merchant’s Quarters. This district notably contains the Crystal Laboratorium and the Emerald Bazaar. The rest of the district contains a mixture of large mansions of wealthy merchants, group housing complexes, and simple houses owned by skilled craftsman. Additionally this district has a small selection of elaborate casinos and taverns that help make Sanddeep famous.

Directly south of the Merchant’s Quarters is the Lows district. This district is the largest in the city and contains mainly commoner’s housing, workshops, and warehouses. Most notably though it contains The Rider’s Run arena and the Tri-Color Market.

To the south of the Lows lie the War wharf, Gold docks, and Rickshaw docks also know as the Fisher’s docks. The Gold docks and War wharf are protected by a sea wall and are located in the Clearwater district. This district contains numerous large warehouses but also the Toren Military Headquarters within the South Citadel. The Rickshaw docks lie in the Slums of Sanddeep and contain smaller warehouses and a vast expanse of hovels and other patchwork shelters.

Outside the Eastern Wall of Sanddep lies the Hallowed Grounds. This land is reserved for the entombment of those that have passed on to the afterlife. It is a large well kept cemetery with a couple of large mausoleums for noble families scattered throughout.

To the north of Sanddeep lies farmlands that help keep the city feed. Much of the land is used to grow wheat and barely but land is also used for a several orchards, wineries, and pastures.

Sanddeep is a old city that has grown and declined at various rates over the past two ages. While walking through the city many of the newer buildings can be distinguished by their timer and mortar construction while older buildings are identified by their weathered stonework. The atmosphere of the city is lively even during the nights many people enjoy the taverns, inns, and casinos of the the Merchant’s Quarter district. Steady patrols of the city guard and army keep the city in order although certain areas and districts are avoided by both guard and citizen alike during the evening.

The city is fairly well patrolled by the Toren Army and City Guard and although there are a couple of well established Thieves Guilds that are consistently active there is little open street visual crime. The city also has a force called the Wardens that actively seek out serial lawbreakers and the disbursement of the Thieves Guilds.

Wardens are usually seen traveling in groups of three and are distinguished by the dark crimson cloaks with a golden colored fist that they wear. Wardens are elite fighters and most criminals make to flee when they see Wardens approaching. Occasionally Wardens are rumored to be seen traveling with figures dressed in purple robes or cloaks that have light blue pentagrams located on their back.

Famous Structures
Ivory Palace – commissioned by the King several centuries ago this graceful structure was built by the Dwarfs from the Broken HIlls out of Broken Hills White Marble. Its base is diamond in shape and rises up into a four pointed star second level that overlooks the rest of the city.

Enlightened Hall – The Enlightened Hall is a large temple complex that contains the headquarters of multiple different temples. Each temple is varied in construction and age but the entire complex is impressive to behold.

Arcanic Order Headquarters – A single story but expansive stone structure located in the Cloud district. It is said that many magics are developed here and admittance into the structure is tightly restricted.

Crystal Laboratorium – Is an ornate stone structure made of red marble from the Broken Hills. This building was built by the Kruger family to further research for their magically studies. On the south side of the building a solid pair of framed crystal panels jut out and appear to serve some purpose for the work done within the building.

Emerald Bazaar- A large open air market protected by an emerald colored cloth lies within an stone rectangle of shops. If you have the coin you can purchase just about anything within the boundaries of this Bazaar.

Tri-Color Market – This a large open market that contain mainly merchant carts and wagons. Some permanent wooden structures are located in the market but the market is mainly used for the day to day sale of fresh produce and meat.

The Rider’s Run – This large complex contains many stone structures the largest being the HIppodrome. The Hippodrome is a large rectangle arena that contains seating for approximately 15,000 people. Inside the center lies a large oval gravel track that is used for horse and chariot racing. Many smaller races happen during the beginning and ending of every month. The largest races happen during the Winter’s and Summer’s Crest festivals and on the Day of Memoriam.


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