Vivian's Journal

Riuros 25

Had conversations with the brothers Gorden and Gregory. Secure more funds from Brewer, to meet their steep demands.

Riuros 40

Brothers are setup to produce for the Clasp. Need to find suppliers for the Purple Flare Lilly.

Ogronios 11

Brewer reported the first test fell short on desired results. Must secure more subjects. Brewer thinks that we are established enough to setup producers for the Stranglers. Besides they can help with the Purple Flare Lillies and subjects.

Ogronios 27

Setup Sal in with the Stranglers. He has begun research on giant strength potions. Gave directions to Stranglers on where to bring subjects in the Hollows.

Ogronios 43

Beginning to raise tensions between the Clasp and Stranglers now that we control their magic supply. Sal’s giant potions now work for brief time but leave user extremely exhausted. He requests some of the Purple Flare Lillies to use in his testing. Also beginning to search for an enchanter for Stranglers.

Cutios 9

Convinced Edward to work for us at a decent rate. Seems a bit weak spirited though so we are keeping him away from the grand plan. The brothers report that their potion is nearly complete.

Cutios 35

Sal reports that his giant strength potion is ready. Brought some samples to Brewer for him to inspect along with some “Herosim” potions they have came up with.

Equos 1

Sal reports that Edward was captured by members of the House of the Rising Sun. Going to meet with him in person to assess the damage.

Vivian's Journal

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